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Green at Home

Plant trees around your home. You can reduce home cooling costs as much as 50% and grow yourself a little shade for those warm summer days.

Adjust your thermostat. Just one degree can reduce your cooling and heating costs by 3%

Wash your clothes in cold water and save up to $400 a year in heating costs.

Consider planting bamboo. Bamboo stores more C02 and generates 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees.

Replace your incandescent light bulb with compact fluorescents (CFLs). If a million households each replaced four traditional bulbs with CFLs, we could eliminate 900,000 tons of greenhouse gases.

Turn off your computer. Computers use up to 70% less electricity when you put them to sleep instead of using a screensaver.

Consider solar power. If just 1 million homes switched to solar power, we could cut yearly CO2 emissions by 7 million tons.

Replace existing 1000 watt fixtures with 750 or 450 watt fixtures with 750 or 450 watts without sacrificing light levels.

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